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It has been quite some time since I blogged on Long and Winding Road, but I am making a significant change in my life and I wanted to post about it here. Tomorrow is my last day of employment with Need I.T. Now, my current employer. It has been almost four years since I started with NITN full time and it has been closer to 10 years since I started working with them in general.

Need I.T. Now is an IT services company whose clients are small to midsize businesses. NITN supports all of their compute needs from printing issues to complex networking problems. It has been a good four years, but life goes on and things change. I have found that I needed to move on with my career, and I have taken a position as Director of Information Technology for a not for profit agency in Newark called Programs for Parents. It is a really great agency that works to provide quality child care to those who need it in Essex County. I am excited about starting my new job and very happy that it is NOT in New York City. The job comes with a free parking space behind the office building, and a real plus is that the office is just 15 minutes from Golda Och Academy! I will now be able to get to school functions before and after work. That is a real plus. The health plan is better than what I have now, and the general benefits packing is very good too.

I will miss the flexibility that I have now because I work out of my house. My current commute is VERY nice and my new commute will be a 45 minute drive to and from Newark each day. I’ll miss the ability to take a break on Friday to put up the challah or get other things ready during the week. But it is time for a change and I think this will be a really good job. There is a lot to do that will keep me busy there for quite some time, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

In honor of One Day More, enjoy this video of One Day More

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