Yesterday was a great day

Yesterday was a great day. As will be seen here over time, my eldest son, Avi, has been diagnosed recently with ADHD and ODD. Among other things, he has great trouble not getting his way and (relevant to this post) he get very upset when he looses a game. He is seven and the past 18 months have been particularly difficult for us. He is now taking Adderall and so far it seems to be helping. The medicine is for the ADHD, but allows him to focus more and in that way also helps with the ODD.

Anyway, Avi started the Cub Scouts this year as a tiger scout. This month our pack (and then our district) held the annual pinewood derby. Avi and I built his car and he came in 1st for his den at our pack derby (ok, there were only three in the den, so we knew he would get a plaque, but we did not know he would get 1st).

So yesterday was the district derby. The top three for each den from each pack in our district would race. So Avi was now in a race with 26 other 1st graders. Each car races 6 times. Avi came is 2nd for one race, 4th for 4 races and last for one race. So normally, we would expect a total temper tantrum from Avi because he lost, but surprise, surprise, he was totally fine with it. He said he wanted to make a faster car next year. This from a boy who on Saturday threw the Uno card deck across the room when he lost. I don’t know if it was the medication, or his learning good sportsmanship, but it was a great day!

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  1. wrekehavoc says:

    congrats to avi for being such a great sport 🙂

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