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Although I am obsessed with The Beatles, I do like other music. Quite a lot actually. My eclectic tastes range from classical music to cabaret and Broadway to classic rock. Today’s song is from The Boss (for those of you too young to know, that means Bruce Springsteen). Being from New Jersey it was almost impossible to grow up without a love of Springsteen and I vividly remember seeing him at Giant Stadium for the Born in the USA Tour. What a show! I am a bit more partial to his earlier music that his latter, but it is all good.

Yesterday I found myself listening to the live boxed set (which is on my ipod). The first song on that set is “Thunder Road.” This song is consistently ranked high by Springsteen fans and is usually on top 100 lists. It is a beautiful song and I love the version on the Live set (I always prefer live music). Here is a link to a good version on youtube.

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  1. Rog says:

    Here’s my fav “Thunder Road” rendition – the duet with Melissa Etheridge. YouTube it, I believe it’s from the early to mid-90’s.

  2. mykidsdad says:

    Wow! Thanks for that. It is amazing!

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