What the *#&%$!@ is wrong with Alaskans?

What goes on up there in Alaska? I have heard it is a beautiful place to visit and someday I hope to get there. But I will repeat. What the !@#$%^& is wrong with the people up there. First they go and elect Sarah Palin as their governor. Ok, I can almost forgive them this. Yeah she is a right wing nut who would be happy burning books in her library. But she is good looking and speaks like one of the people. I guess in Alaska all you need is love
good looks you fill in the blank.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Mark Begich, a democrat, won the Senate seat away from 6 term senator Ted Stevens (thank God). This is good news. What gets me is that there were only about 3,700 votes separating the two of them. Races like this are common in America today, but what is not common is that the person running for office is a convicted criminal (ok he was convicted on ethics charges, but still a crime). 49% of the voters in Alaska voted for a convicted felon to be their Senator. What is going on with that? I shudder to think where the Republican Party is going if they were telling voters to vote for him!

Luckily 51% of the Alaskan people are smart enough to realize that we don’t elect criminals to the US Senate. I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or what. I hope that people can come away from this with a lesson learned.

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