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I know I have not written in a while, but I saw this clip today and I had to post. I have been watching the show Glee which is on FOX on Wednesday nights. The show is very quirky which may be why I like it. The show is about a high school glee club trying to build itself out of nothing. Sure the show is really much more than that, but that is enough to get some idea. In each episode there is at least one big musical number. These numbers are presented in the style of the movie version of Chicago. The star may start singing in the scene, but it will quickly change to a different scene with background musicians and vocalists or dancers (if you have not seen Chicago on film, DO IT NOW!).

This week’s episode guest stars Kristin Chenoweth who is a Broadway phenom. She was last seen on TV in Pushing Daisies where she also got the chance to do some major singing. The scene also features Lea Michele. Lea has had starring roles in Les Miserables, Ragtime and most recently the lead in Spring Awakening. She is one of the stars of Glee.

The song is Maybe it’s Me from Caberet.


Later in the episode we get a short version of Heart’s Alone sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison (another star of the show).


Kristin has one last song with Carrie Underwood’s Last Name


Although she is not in this final scene, this version of Queen’s Somebody to Love is amazing.



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