Israel, day eight

Today was a looooong day! We did a lot of travelling and spent a lot more time in the car, which of course made everyone cranky by day’s end. We started with another great breakfast at Kibbutz HaGoshrim and then after packing the car we left for Tzfat. The boys were not sure about going to Tzfat, but during David’s talk about Tzfat and about the Ari, Noam and Shayna were definitely listening. Especially the story about the origins of Lekha Dodi. We saw the Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue and went next door to buy some of the famous Tzfat candles. We took a walk through the artist area and picked up another set of Tekheilet. Right after we get home from Israel, Noam and I will need to tie his tzitzit on his tallit and I think Tekheilet purchased in Tzfat is all the more special.

A view of Mount Meron from Tzfat. Until 1967, this was
the highest mountain in Israel. There is still a listening
station at the top.

After lunch in Tzfat (finally, my first Shwarma!) we drove to Haifa. Shayna did a report on Haifa for school a couple of years ago and ever since she has wanted to go there. Marsha and I have actually never seen the Bahai gardens, so we were more than happy to go and see it. We all learned about the Bahai faith and took some photos at the gates of the gardens. After the Bahai, we took a ride on the Carmalit. This is a funicular subway that goes up and down the Carmel in Haifa. It is the second shortest subway system in the world and is more like an elevator at times than a subway. Shayna had a blast riding down and then up. Finally, we went to get some all-important ice cream.

Noam, Marsha, and Me in front of the B’hai gardens.

Finally, we drove back to Jerusalem. Unfortunately, when we hit Tel Aviv we also hit traffic so we did not get back to Jerusalem until about 8. We drove to the city center and walked around the Midrachov and on Jaffa Street for a little while. Did a little shopping and just took in the Jerusalem nightlife.

After a lot of thought, we have decided that tomorrow is going to be a totally “chill day” for the boys. We do not have a guide for tomorrow and the original plans were for us to go to the beach in Tel Aviv, but Avi has no interest in the beach and Noam does not care. So the boys will stay back and Marsha, Shayna, and I will go downtown again to do some shopping. Perhaps we will try the shuk again in the morning when it is less crowded.

I am looking forward to another Shabbat in Jerusalem. This Shabbat will be all the more special because Noam will be reading Torah at Kehillat Yedidya at Minha. The Minha torah reading comes from the next Shabbat’s parsha, which is Noam’s Bar Mitzvah, so he knows it well. We will have a small Seudah Shlisheet after as well.

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  1. SueKamens says:

    I’d like to spend some more time in the North if we ever get to Israel again. A “chill” day sounds like a very good plan!! Have a wonderful Shabbat and I’m sure the service will be very meaningful and memorable for everyone.

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