Little Super Tuesday

So today our fellow Americans in Texas and Ohio may very well decide who will be the next Democratic candidate to run for President. I must admit that when I did vote last month I was unsure who I was going to vote for right up until I went into the booth.I am a democrat. I vote democrat and I shudder to think of four more years of republicans in the white house. Looking at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it seems to me that they are basically the same thing. Their platforms are similar and their voting record is similar. Either one would probably be a fine president. What I think we should look at, then, is which one of them will be better suited to beat McCain in November.

I am not sure what the answer to that question is. Clinton certainly plays the experience card a lot, and she certainly has more than Obama. Will that allow her to win? Maybe. But one thing that I think is interesting. Clinton was trailing in the polls in New Hampshire back in January but when the voting was over, she won. Through the use of exit polling it was shown that she got more votes from women than had been anticipated. I think this is significant in that when people enter the voting booths in November, many women will pull the lever on her name because she is a woman. Will that be enough to get her elected? I don’t know. But it is probable that the presidential election will be as close as the last two presidential elections. Just a few thousand votes can easily make the difference.

I don’t know what today’s outcome will be, but either way, I hope that we will be able to bring another democrat to the white house next year.

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